Dear Online Entrepreneurs,

My name is Lisa Allen, and you might not know me as an Internet Marketing guru, because I make my living selling jewelry supplies online.

But no matter what you sell – subscriptions, info-products, physical products, affilate prodects – today, I want to show you how with a simple social networking strategy you can generate converting traffic to any of your websites.

This is NOT some fancy new tool that makes you feel like you need a Ph.D. in computer science to understand it.

This is NOT some kind of backlinking strategy that will probably get your site penalized in the next few weeks?

Take another guess.

You’ve heard the name before.

You may have seen it on your friends’ Facebook profiles.

And you might even be using one now.

That’s right…

I’m talking about Pinterest.

What Is Pinterest?

“Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

“Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”


I can guess what you’re thinking right now.

“Pinterest sounds fantastic for online scrapbooking… but how the heck is it going to improve my website’s conversion numbers?”

It’s a comment I hear from my fellow marketers all the time.

And that’s when I show them how I used a simple Pinterest profile to funnel hungry customers to my retail website…

So how did I stumble onto the traffic generation goodness that’s Pinterest?

Before discovering Pinterest, I was already a successful e-commerce seller. I thought I had everything there was to know about Internet Marketing figured out… and I was making a killing with my website.

And in the beginning, things were really good. Because I was such a small company, I was able to give my customers the personal attention they craved. I was also able to ship products faster than my competition…

And that difference in service led to profits that skyrocketed between $20k and$24k each month.

But then, DISASTER!

The Great Recession reared its ugly head, took one look at my booming business, and decided to wreak havoc on my life.

As my traffic plummeted and my profits dried up, I realized I had to shake things up fast – or be out on the streets forever.

  • You need to send pre-qualified customers to your website… but you couldn’t find one or two a day… much less HORDES of them.
  • You want to build a loyal following that’s always ready to buy… but you don’t have a single idea how to do it.
  • You want people to recognize you as an authority in your industry… but you just can’t seem to make people notice.

These problems were plaguing my online business.

I kept hearing about the “Next Big Thing”, and the golden days of cheap Pay Per Click and Easy SEO, but was told those days were long past.

I had missed the boat…

And as my business profits dried up, I realized I was getting to the point where it was time for me to either sink of swim…

That’s when I joined Peter Garety mastermind. Peter took me on as a mentor, introduced me with Sam Uherek, and together, we dedicated ourselves to discovering incredible new ways to generate hoardes of online traffic.

That’s when we stumbled onto the magic of Pinterest.

Think about it. When it comes to traffic generation, only one thing is certain: most strategies are too expensive (hello, Adwords), too time-consuming (article marketing, anyone?), or both.

But not Pinterest. It’s a refreshingly different approach to driving a funnel of traffic directly to your ecommerce website.

Pinterest isn’t just another blip in the Next Big Online Trend radar…

It’s an enjoyable, profitable, and ridiculously easy way to:

  • Send hordes of pre-qualified customers to your website
  • Attract the kind of following that’s ALWAYS ready to buy
  • Build up the authority and expertise that ensures you remain where you belong… at the top of your industry!

I consider Pinterest one of the Internet’s best-kept traffic generation secrets.

And now, I’m ready to blow the lid off this hush-hush strategy…

And pass the benefits straight on to you…

Just like I did for these online entrepreneurs!

Marty:I have started watching the videos after spending considerable time downloading them all…
.. Some are short but the course covers it all….They did a nice job covering it all. Production values are there and the member site is well organized and easy to navigate. Plus, they are going to give you a webinar as a chaser.

David Burdet:Hi Lisa & Sam,

Just purchased PTB today and going through videos. This a great product the information is comprehensive but very easy to understand.I have heard and seen a lot of info about Pinterest as with any new hot topic and have certainly found the BEST by far. Recommend this to all marketers because the scope is immense.

Regards David B.

Sylvia:I have just these short words: ALL UN-CLEAR-NESS gone !

I got into Pinterest few days ago… Tried from other sources and people to find out “how the H… ” this works there and got little tired and confused even…

THANX SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for this … I got through ALL Videos now and requested to become a member in FB Group…

I love it!

Larry G:Wow, There is so much effort put into this product. So much content and great video quality. I am grateful I picked this up. Thank you for such a great product!

Leslie Lamb:Lisa, Peter, and Sam,

Thanks for taking time to put together such a comprehensive quality course.

I too have been on Pinterest for a few months but only on a personal level. Thanks for helping me see some additional possibilities for reaching and monetizing my market.

Special thanks to Lisa for taking time to talk with me yesterday. I really appreciate it and I’m looking forward to learning and sharing more through the live webinars and group interaction.

DesireWealth2:I just had to weigh in on this one. I buy lots of products and comment on very few, because they are just not stellar enough to warrant my time and energy to say anything about them.

This one is different. Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is on the money.

But along with the really in depth training, it is the Facebook private invitation forum that is worth its weight in gold. In just the past few days, the tools shared on there and bonus training coming out of our questions asked has been amazing and worth soooo much more than what I have paid for this program, I congratulate my self every day for stumbling on this program and pushing the buy button, and ACTUALLY implementing what they are speaking about.

Really, I cannot say enough about the depth and quality of this training. Great job PTB creators, great job.

Katia D.:I’ve always been late regarding trends but finally with Pinterest I’ll be ahead of my competitors in my community… thanks to your GREAT product & Teaching.

Want to discover exactly what they’re talking about?

Get ready:

The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is the first comprehensive video course that completely maps out how to turn a simple Pinterest profile into a consistent, guaranteed, and flat-out lucrative stream of pre-qualified online traffic.

From MindMap videos and dozens of checklists to resources stuffed with juicy traffic generation secrets, The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint will transform you into a traffic-generating whiz who’s ready to crush it!


1.) Show you why Pinterest should be a fundamental part of your next moneymaking online venture, and how The Pinterest Traffic Blueprintunlocks each juicy profit-boosting secrets.

2.) Give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is pulling in tons of online traffic with The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint… and the more traffic you keep pulling in, the bigger your bottom line.

3.) Help you hit the ground running, no matter where you are in your online marketing venture. Whether you’re an online start-up or an experienced entrepreneur, The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint will reveal a new traffic generation methodology that’s on the brink of becoming The Next Big Thing.

4.) Gain a deeper understanding of how a simple Pinterest profile can accelerate your reputation as a leading authority in your industry… and how major search engines will reward you with torrents of online traffic.

5.) Accelerate your offline traffic streams, thanks to advanced Pinterest tips and techniques that you’ll only find in The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint. From local customers to nine-to-five businesses, this blueprint will create a powerful stampede of offline traffic that’s just as lucrative as your online traffic.

6.) Ensure that you never have a single question about how to use The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint, thanks to dozens of technical how-to videos, checklists, and 24/7 personal customer service.

As you can see, The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is based on cold, hard science. It provides proven traffic generation methodologies that can be plugged into your own online business…

No matter what niche you’re in.

Thanks to Peter and Sam, I’ve been given the opportunity to lay these steps out for you in a simple, intuitive, and no-frills video course. I start with the basics of Pinterest, and then dive deep into the kind of traffic generation strategies top entrepreneurs have yet to discover.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll discover in The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint:

9 Eye-Opening Video Modules To Make You A Pinterest Profiteer In No Time! (Worth $197)

  • Video #1 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint MindMap Overview: In this video, you are going to learn what the Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is, and how you should look on this training in order to get the maximum benefits for your business. This completely breaks down the Pinterest Traffic Blueprint process, so you can move forward to the next video with confidence and ease.
  • Video #2 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 1 – The Fundamentals of Pinterest: In this video, you are going to learn the basics of Pinterest, including setting up an account and the basic actions you must take to get followers. As soon as you put these easy-to-follow steps in place, you’ll see a steady stream of traffic sit up and take notice of your website.
  • Video #3 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 2 – All About Pins and Boards: In this video, you are going to learn what kind of pins and boards you should create… and how it certain items can explode your list of followers. This video breaks down the process of building up a sizeable follower list, which means you’ll be enjoying wave after wave of traffic faster.
  • Video #4 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 3 – SEO And Pinterest Optimization: In this video, you are going to learn how to optimize your pins, boards, and profiles for better SEO and Pinterest search results. It’s like building a traffic funnel that keeps delivering sales over and over again!
  • Video #5 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 4 – Traffic: In this video, you’ll learn how to turn Pinterest followers into website traffic that’s hungry to buy every single one of your products and services.
  • Video #6 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 5 – Tips and Tricks Plus Overview of the Last Modules: In this video, you’ll learn advanced SEO tricks that will take your online traffic to the next level. If you want to step up your current levels of online traffic, this video is perfect for you. And if you haven’t seen a single drop of website traffic yet, then you’ll absolutely love what you’ll learn in this module!
  • Video #7 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 6 – How to Make Money with Pinterest: In this video, you’ll learn how to set up your own Pinterest sales machine that will make you money over and over again. From affiliate links and CPA to small Pinterest shops, your bottom line will explode, thanks to these invaluable techniques.
  • Video #8 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 7 – Offline Clients and Examples: In this video, you’ll learn how you can use Pinterest for offline clients, and which clients you can target. This video completely breaks down how to expand your online empire to the offline world.
  • Video #9 – Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Module 8 – Following and Learning from Authorities: In this video, you’ll learn what steps you should take to grow your business by following and studying authorities. One word of warning: don’t be surprised if you quickly surpass your mentors!

27 Powerful Videos That Leave No Pinterest Stone Unturned! (Worth $297)

Powerful 27 Checklist Videos (supported by in-depth PDFs) that tackle every singe technical aspect of building a traffic-sucking Pinterest profile, so you’ll have it up and running faster than you ever imagined possible. You’ll master every single part of the Pinterest profile, from optimizing the profile, understanding Pinterest statistics, how to create Pinterest affiliate links, and more.

A Mastermind Forum Where The Best Internet Marketers Share Their Very Best Traffic Generation Ideas! (Worth $$)

An-The-Know Forum where you can connect with other members, share your Pinterest knowledge, and gain the kind of industry respect you deserve.

This is a massive offer for one simple reason: the information you’ll garner in the Mastermind forum will set up your online business for life. I’m talking one-of-a-kind acccess to successful entrepreneuers and Internet marketers who’ve made it their business to lock down the very best Pinterest traffic generation methods.

I know what you’re thinking right now.

Endless streams of traffic. An authoritative reputation. An online following that’s desperate to buy from you.

Try to get this anywhere else, and you’ll have to fork out hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

So right away, you know Pinterest Traffic Blueprint packs some SERIOUS value.

So what’s it going to cost you?

Get this: today, I’m offering The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint at three unique price levels:

  • Sign up for my Pro Package ($67- BEST VALUE), and you’ll get unprecedented access to absolutely everything! You’ll be able to download every single video, mindmap, transcript, and PDF straight to your computer. Additionally, I’m going to throw in some Pro-Only bonuses, which you’ll learn about in just a moment.
  • Sign up for my Standard Package ($47), and you’ll be able to download my PDFs, mindmaps, and transcriptions; however, you can only access the videos online.
  • Sign up for my Light Package ($27), and you can access everything online. However, you can’t download anything to your computer.

In addition to these incredible pacakages, I’m willing to throw in these killer bonuses:

    • Bonus Training: Want to accelerate your Pinterest know-how? Then these bonus training videos are exactly what you need! From getting traffic from influential Pinterest users to uncovering the best copywriting secrets possible, these Bonus Training videos will turn you into a Pinterest superstar;
    • Q&A Replay: Confused how to use Pinterest? Not sure if you’re using it properly? Not to worry – my powerful Q&A Replay will absolutely decimate any possible questions you could have about using Pinterest with your online marketing strategies;
    • Pinvite Facebook Group: In oder to ensure you get results as fast as humanly possible, I created this special Pinterest Traffic Blueprint Facebook Group. The purpose of this group is to help you to get invitations to Pinterest, and also help you to get viral traffic by sharing your Pinterest page. It’s like one massive cheat sheet!

And if you sign up for the Pro Package, I’m going to throw in these extra bonuses, along with the ones you just read about… just think of it as my way of accelerating your online success!

Enjoy These Powerful Pro Bonuses:

        • My Special 60-Minute Start-Up Guide: Want to accelerate your Pinterest success? Then my special 60-Minute Start-Up Guide will ensure that you’ll start raking in the traffic in just an hour or less. This is a seriously powerful bonus that you won’t get anywhere else… and it’s only avaliable for Pro Subscribers!
        • My Powerful 8-Week Calendar: The key to success with any strategy or tactic is persistance –in other words, to know exactly when do take certain steps. My powerful 8-Week Calendar will show you the precise steps you need to take, at the EXACT time you must take them. Think of it as my way of ensuring that you start seeing incredible results with Pinterest ASAP!

Together, these bonuses total more than (Worth $147) – but I’m giving them all away for absolutely free.

The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint completely de-mystifies how to generate pre-qualified traffic. What’s more, each video and checklist completely eliminates any doubts, questions, and excuses you might have.

No tricks.

No complicated techniques.

Just 100% successful, lucrative, and addicting Pinterest traffic generation strategies designed to transform your online business.

Once you’ve experienced The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint for yourself, you’ll have some of the most valuable online skills when it comes to traffic generation.

The know-how to build up a following of dedicated and loyal customers.

The skills needed to build an authoritative reputation… one that means your customers will always be desperately clamoring for your products.

And You Can Get It All For Less Than The Price Of A Meal For Two

That’s right. With our Pro, Standard, and Light Packages, you’ll get access to:

        • The full Pinterest Traffic Blueprint course – that’s nine mindmap videos, 27 checklists, mindmaps, transcripts, PDF checklists, and more;
        • The resources that will turn that trickle of online traffic into a raging flood of hungry customers;
        • No-holds-barred access to forums teeming with fellow marketers and online entrepreneurs;
        • The best customer service in the industry;
        • And the proven Pinterest blueprint that I’ve used to create dozens of traffic-sucking funnels to my ecommerce site!

The combined value of The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint and its innovative bonuses totals more than $641

But you can get your hands on it for just ten measly bucks.

If you love your Pinterest Traffic Blueprint experience, then you don’t have to do anything else – you’re a member for life!

And if you’re not convinced that Pinterest Traffic Blueprint can help you build the kind of online business that will unlock a lifetime of financial freedom, then just send me an email to get a full, no-hassle refund.

Even if you download Pinterest Traffic Blueprint on the 29th day, and immediately decide that you’re not getting AT LEAST ten times the value of what you paid…

Then you can request a refund from me THAT second.. and you’ll immediately get it.

Remember, you have a whopping 30 days to request a refund from me – so you have plenty of time to try Pinterest Traffic Blueprint out for yourself.

It really is that simple!

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge at your fingertips, you can be confident that you’ll be given the tools, resources, and blueprints you need to finally realize your traffic generation dreams.

After all, these people did!

Cindy Peeri:At last-somebody who knows what they are talking about when it comes to Pinterest. What a breath of fresh air!

Thanks much!

Its2late:Great product! Clear and to the point, I learned a lot. Whatever Peter Garety is involved with, I don’t even think twice before I buy.

Tina Williams:Not only did I go through the Videos and Checklist and Blueprints but joined your community too! The content was super thorough and the delivery was the BEST I have ever seen (outside of Maria and mine–LOL)!

THANK YOU for making Pinterest so much FUN and easy! Wrapping this new tool in our Social Marketing Toolbox with all the other cool stuff will be a total Game Change for our own businesses and for all our clients!

Paul Clifford:At last (for me anyway) – someone has published a Pinterest blueprint from someone who is ACTUALLY making it work for them. Its alright saying there is loads of traffic.. but monetizing that is something else.

This is a detailed course that covers everything and is packaged in Peter’s characteristic style which exudes quality.
Nice one guys.

Robert Carbine:The videos in this wso are awesome!! I have learned so much about pinterest it is unbelievable. My wife even has a pinterest account and you guys did a better job explaining it to me then she did face to face.

There is a ton of opportunities on pinterest and if you want to take advantage of them then this is the product for you!!

Thanks for the great information!!

Kevin Ashbridge:Now that the Pintrest webinars have come to an end, I just wanted to say WOW! and THANKS! Lisa Allen and Sam Samuel Uherek are AWESOME :-)

Steven Barnhart:All of your information has been invaluable … an awesome value. Thanks

Mav Highsted:Really good webinar. Helped set my goals both for using Pinterest and how I can build my brand. Thanks

Mac Pay:I like that it is informative and not all hype!

Kevin Ashbridge:Excellent, Lisa. I did not know about any of this stuff. Great webinar!

Mav HighStead:Great thanks for useful and practical content

Mark Hughes:Thanks Lisa and Sam. Pure gold in what you’ve shared today:)

It’s time to unleash the power of The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint in your own online business.

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You’ll be able to download my PDFs, mindmaps,
and transcriptions; however, you can only access
the videos online.

You can access everything online. However,
you can’t download anything to your computer.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

P.S. Remember, you’ll only be charged an ultra-low fee to gain unlimited access to my videos, training, support, tools, forum and resources. Remember, if you’re not 100% blown away by The Pinterest Traffic Blueprint then just send me an email within 30-days to get 100% of your money back – guaranteed.

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